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The client pays the meal bills and contributes to other operating costs, but my tenant assures me that he does not receive rent because he knows he cannot sublet. The tenant has been informed that this situation cannot last indefinitely and I prefer the development of a joint lease. Is this the best way to regularize the position for all parties, and is there a limit to the rent increase I can impose to reflect two people who live in the property? I own a property that was once used as a commercial property, but has now been converted to residential use. I found a tenant who would like to use it as her main residence, but since she is also a fully qualified therapist, she wants to practice reflex zone treatment from the premises. Can you please tell me if this would be allowed or should be authorized by me, and if so, what type of lease would be required? Check with a lawyer, as this could be considered a hybrid residential and commercial rental. If it is a lease, the tenant may not be satisfied with the continuation of a business. It is best to have a lawyer review it. As a landlord, can I, provided that all amounts paid so far are reimbursed, fall back on a rental agreement signed before the potential tenant has acquired a job? Last year, I rented an apartment for which I had a six-month contract that expired on October 28. Although I stayed, the rental agent told me that I didn`t need a new contract. The procedure would be that the landlord would have to end the rental and offer you a new one – but you can`t afford to take it, so I suggest you cancel as well. The other possibility is that the landlord will let it continue after your partner leaves – but this makes you liable for the entire rent, as you are “jointly and severally liable” under your agreement. While you can stay for a while because rent arrears to end the tenancy would take some time, it would leave you with high debt and no chance of getting a good referral from your landlord, while a good referral can help you get another property.

I would have an open discussion with the landlord and see if you can come to an agreement on leaving or if he thinks you are a good tenant, he may feel like he can accept a little less rent and you can take the time to move or even keep the lease to himself. We rent a property to three young men, one of whom was recommended to have a guarantor. What wording should I use in the agreement to ensure that the surety is legally required to take care of the payments if the tenant is in arrears with the rent? If you continue as you do by creating new leases, I do not see that the tenant has any additional rights. Given that the lease was established in 2001, it is unlikely to be anything other than a secure short-term lease that should allow owners of powers to resume maximums. Your tenant cannot apply for a new rental, because if you do not provide it, the rental would only become a legal periodic rental. However, while I think that as a landlord I find this convenient, if I were a tenant, I would probably need more security. The best option is to discuss this with the tenant and make sure that you are both satisfied with a new rental or a conversion to a legal periodic rental. Be nice but firm – in civil law, you are not required to give more than a month`s notice in advance, and although you have agreed to two months under the agreement, I think that even with the agreement, the rental agent would have a hard time sticking to a clause that is considered unfair. Take the agent to Small Claims Court if they try to withhold your deposit and complain to their governing body. I`ve heard of something like this so many times – you make a friend think a lease isn`t necessary.

Unfortunately, in 1992, if there was no written lease, you actually gave your tenant a secure rental that offers much more security than a short-term guaranteed lease. .

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