Notice Of Disagreement

VA does not accept, as a communication on refusal, the expression of dissatisfaction or rejection of a judicial decision of the Agency of jurisdiction of origin and the desire to contest the result filed in another format, including on another VA form. (b) cases where the authority initially competent does not provide any form of appeal. a written notification by an applicant or his representative expressing dissatisfaction or rejection of a decision-making decision of the Agency of initial competence and the wish to contest the result constitutes a communication of disagreement on a right to benefits in all cases in which the Agency does not provide a form for initial competence; which has been identified as having a view to the establishment of a remedy. The communication of refusal must be made in terms that can reasonably be interpreted as contradictory to this finding and as a desire for review of the appeal. If the Authority has informed the original court that decisions have been taken simultaneously on several issues, it is appropriate to identify the specific findings with which the applicant disagrees. (c) Claims contested simultaneously. The provisions of paragraph (b) of this Section shall apply to claims filed in claims simultaneously contested in accordance with Articles 500 and 501 (Articles 20.500 and 20.501 of this Chapter), regardless of whether a standardised form has been provided by the decision of the original competent authority. (5) Alternative form or other communication. .

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