Tc Collective Agreement Psac

By negotiating in good faith, the Canadian government concluded 34 agreements during this round of negotiations covering more than 65,000 federal public service employees. These include 17 agreements with 11 bargaining agents representing CPA employees, as well as 17 agreements with four bargaining agents representing employees working in different agencies, such as the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the National Research Council (NRC) and the National Film Board (NFB). The Great Lakes Fisheries Commission (GLFC) coordinates the control of sea eyes in the Great Lakes. The work is carried out jointly by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the DFO. The DFO and GLFC enter into contracts for the provision of programmes on a five-year basis. The negotiator proposes to amend the provisions of the overtime agreement as follows: the employer proposes to simplify the calculation of overtime for employees of the TC group in order to adapt it to most collective agreements. The introduction of the proposed language would ensure that overtime would be paid for uninterrupted overtime and would facilitate the calculation of entitlement to overtime and the payment of such overtime. This amendment to clause 34.07 would allow for better harmonisation with point 28.02(a) on overtime pay. The proposal provides that compensation may take the form of compensatory leave by mutual agreement between the worker and the employer. This clause already applies to the rights referred to in Article 28 (overtime) and Article 32 (declared paid leave).

During the current round of bargaining, six different agencies have concluded 17 collective agreements with four bargaining agents representing 17,000 workers. Table 2 below lists the agencies and bargaining units with new collective agreements, their union membership and their population. The Bargaining Agent presented a full list of proposals during this round of negotiations. The PSAC submitted 23 joint proposals to all PSAC groups, including two additional paid holidays per year and increased leave entitlements. The PSAC also introduced 57 proposed tc group-specific amendments, including economic increases beyond the model, new vacation provisions, new certificates, and other monetary and non-monetary items not currently included in the TC agreement and/or other CPA collective agreements. . . .

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