Open Market Agreement For Phd Courses

For course participation and accommodation as well as travel expenses, please contact your home organisation. Claus Leth Bak has a bilateral agreement with the University of Agder, Norway, on doctoral courses for doctoral students in the department. “at the SIF” means that the course is carried out at the National Institute of Public Health in Copenhagen. UiA and ET offer free available PhD courses that can be selected: Participation in PhD courses offered by the Department of Psychology is free for Danish PhD students if they are enrolled in an institution that is part of the Open Market Agreement for PhD Courses. This only applies to full-time students enrolled in the department. In case of double registration, please note that a full course fee will be charged for all courses by the application deadline. Even if your project is located outside of Denmark, you must participate in the two mandatory PhD courses Initiation to Health Research and Responsible Conduct of Research. NorDoc Agreement for an Open Market for PhD Courses The PhD School of the Faculty of Natural Sciences is part of the Open Market Agreement – Model 1 – with regard to Doctoral courses in Denmark. University of Copenhagen (Denmark), The Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences The Faculty of Natural Sciences offers a wide choice of doctoral courses….

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