Non Solicitation Agreement Alabama

The new law continues the current practice of allowing courts to amend agreements where they consider that their duration or geographical scope is excessive. It requires both parties to sign a ban on competition/debauchery and demands that the agreement be supported for remuneration, without specifying whether maintaining employment is a sufficient counterpart. The new law also expressly pursues all already recognized professional exceptions, although it also recognizes that a protective interest may arise if “ustomer, patient, seller or customer is associated with it of good will . . . one.. The Committee on Employment and Employment Policy proposes to establish an employment policy and an employment policy. The new law now seems to require a protective interest necessary for non-competition and only allows not to recruit current customers and not potential or former customers with whom an employer hopes to establish or re-establish a relationship. The new law also limits agreements to commercial entities (instead of using the term “employer,” as originally proposed), raising some concerns about the use of these agreements with non-profit or religious organizations. The new law deals specifically with franchises and notes that a protective interest implies the goodwill of customers, sellers and customers in the context of a franchise or an ongoing activity, allowing franchisees in particular to conclude protection agreements protecting these interests, but also to subject these agreements to the deadlines set by the new law. . .


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