Lokasi Syuting Wedding Agreement

While Indah added, the pressure on the set of the film produced by Starvsion was also caused by many factors. In addition to the very intense relationship between the characters, preparatory factors also reverberate. “It was first my son`s anomaly. At first, I thought they were young people. From there, he forbids me to be too inter, okay, I know. While I couldn`t be away from myself when I was an artist, the most important thing was to be on set. “Because I think the partner in the film didn`t come. I told him his sister Shinta. “Don`t be alone, it`s your brother.” I`m still waiting, I`m embarrassed in the room to go to the kitchen, because up to 00.00 WiB, at 01.00 WIB, don`t go home, laughing at this sneer. It`s different from my son before, why as my son`s bed type. It was first my ruin there,” he explained. Speaking to Showbiz Liputan6.com, Refal Hady Sari revealed the first beautiful habit on set. According to him, Indah Permata Sari is good to be discussed.

The open type of star rudy Habibie made it easier for Refal Hady to build chemistry in a single frequency. “It`s beautiful and I`m actually both underneath. On set, he often mimics people`s voices, but it`s done, I don`t know what it means, but it`s funny,” Hady said. According to Nursyah, the proximity between Indah and Arie began before about 2017 after the filming of the film “Single Reboot”. The next day, Aldi Bian accompanied to Ami`s house to ask where Tari was, it turned out that Tari was going to the Religious Court. Bian followed the religious court, but they were stuck in traffic. Bian continued his journey with the MRI. In the MRI, Bian prayed, as Tari revealed earlier, at the MRI, he met Tari, who apparently did not know the location of the religious court, Bian tore up his marriage document and answered Zari`s question that he chose Tari and asked Tari to be a real woman without Theatra. To Refal Hady`s surprise, as the filming atmosphere was very intense and the pressure increased, Indah Permata Sari diluted the atmosphere with his sub-humor.

The sound of Beautiful Permata Sari effectively dilutes the atmosphere. “When you emphasize again on set because the Bian character and Dance emotions can`t burst, nice jokes make a joke…

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