How To Fill Deed Of Agreement For Ehsaas Scholarship

The letters of assist and the deed of agreement are also attached and must be completed by the students. Please fill in the highlighted entries, i.e. name, address (Mr. Ms. Address), declaration of the laureate, (name of the laureate: class/programme: subject, registration number. Please fill in the information positively and send it by e-mail. Students will be ordered to send letters and a certificate (on stamp paper) completed by post to the Students Financial Aid Office before the deadline of 30.06.2020. Documents delivered manually/personally to this office are not accepted. Once your bank account is opened, activate your NBP account after visiting the corresponding NBP subsidiary, which will be shared later. Once the account is activated, your scholarships are paid by HEC. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected from ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship. For opening an NBP bank account and transferring scholarships, HEC and National Bank of Pakistan need the following information on a specific template for your CNIC verification on an immediate basis: (CNIC per brother/sister/mother/father/uncle, etc.) is not accepted.

Students who do not have a valid CNIC, only a form B, must also inform about of the unavailability of the CNIC. . . .

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