Wat Betekent Termination Agreement

Dismissal on business grounds plays a central role in the termination of employment. Unlike behavioural dismissals or personal dismissals, the reasons for dismissal are not due to the employee`s control, but to a structural enterprise decision of the employer. In the event of dismissal on business grounds, the employer can adapt the number of employees to the needs of the company in order to make a profit. Certain types of termination by mutual agreement are: RESULTS OF THE GARANTIE during negotiations on termination termsIf you leave negotiations on the termination of your employment contract until our redundancy specialists, we will defend your interests and we will also try to obtain reimbursement of your employer`s legal assistance costs. We usually do that. Even if your employer is not willing to reimburse the costs, we offer a unique guarantee that the negotiation effort will not cost you anything if the negotiations do not result in a better agreement than what the employer suggested to you at the beginning. In the event of termination of employment, the employer must respect the current notice period. The basic notice period is four weeks from the 15th or last day of a calendar month. This notice increases with the employee`s seniority.

The employment contract may provide longer notice periods. Collective agreements may provide for shorter notice periods. First, the general data of the parties, such as names, addresses, as well as the position of the worker and the beginning of the employment. In addition, the reason for the termination of the employment contract is indicated. To avoid problems related to unemployment benefit, it must be a “neutral” cause (for example. B for economic reasons or a disrupted working relationship), which is not due by the worker. In addition, the date of termination of the employment contract and the possible severance pay that the worker receives for the job must also be included. Do you need an example of a termination contract? You can click on the example of a termination contract For example, if you were fired because you are a whistleblower, it is an illegitimate termination.

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