Promissory Note Assignment Agreement

This assignment of the debt and its consent (this “assignment”) takes effect on March 24, 2009, from and between Gateway International Holdings, Inc., a Nevada corporation (Assignor) and Money Line Capital Inc., a California-based company (assigned), and that of Joseph Gledhill and/or Joyce Gledhill, individuals (“notice holders”), as part of the proposed award of Assignor to Assigne. Communication of December 8, 2008, amounting to US$650,000, the copy of which is attached to Schedule A (the note). A change of sola that may otherwise be negotiable cannot be negotiated by adding the words NOT NEGOTIABLE to the note. However, this additional language does not work to make non-negotiable controls. (An assignment of the mortgage is required to close the rights of the original bank under the mortgage, including the right, if you do not make payments to transfer to the new owner of the loan.) A debt note should contain several essential elements, including the amount of the loan, the date it is to be repaid, the interest rate and the registration of all collateral used to secure the loan. The transfer of the mortgage is a document indicating that a mortgage has been transferred from the lender or original borrower to a third party. Mortgage allowances are more often collected when lenders sell mortgages to other lenders. This document indicates that the credit obligation has been transferred. One thing you need to look for when signing a debt is whether or not a loan is due on request. If a loan is due on request, there is no due date. On the contrary, the lender may demand payment at any time. This evaluation list is provided to inform you of this document and to help you in your preparation. It is a simple transfer of rights, in this case related to a change in sola.

This assignment is done without recourse to the assignee. Dated: This attribution of the title of debt (this “allocation”) is dated April 24, 2007, by and under the name Rudolf Gunnerman (“Gunnerman”), SulphCo, Inc., a Nevada company (the borrower) and companies identified on the signature sites (each a “buyer” and a collective “buyer”), with respect to the sale of this bond dated December 31, 2004, for $7,000,000 issued by the borrower to Gunnerman (the “Note”).

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