Lsda Agreement

These additional AED (“EDA” software conditions change the end-user license agreement (“EULA”) between the customer and SISW only for electronic design automation software, including and without limitation of all products called “EDA software” in the order. These EDA terms, along with the BAM and other applicable additional conditions, constitute the agreement between the parties (“the agreement”). 3.6 Additional limitations on liability. NOT WITH THE UPSET IN THE AGREEMENT, ALL THE LIMITATIONS OF THE LIABILITY SET FORTH THEREIN IS PUT ON SISW`S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY INFRINGEMENT ENKITÉ SENITY OBLIGATIONS UNDER THE AGREEMENT; HOWEVER, NOTHING IN THIS SECTION IS SUPPOSED TO SISW OF DEFENDING AN ACTION ON ITS SOLE DISCRETION AND EXPENSE PREVENT. ALL DISCLAIM GARANTIES SET FORTH IN ACCORD also apply to sisw licensees. SISW`s licensees are not responsible for the damage caused by the agreement. (c) third-party hosting of software; Compensation. The client can only load one-third of the host software (“Provider”) with SISW`s prior written consent. SISW may require a separate written agreement as a precondition for such consent. Software hosted by a vendor must at all times remain under the exclusive control of the customer, unless the vendor`s management and operation of the software is expressly approved by SISW, in which case the customer will ensure that the vendor manages and operates software in accordance with this agreement and exclusively for the customer`s internal business purposes. , as it allows.

If the customer is aware of an unauthorized use or disclosure of software, effective or suspected, the Customer will immediately terminate the Vendor`s access to the Software. A violation of this agreement, caused by a supplier, constitutes a violation of the customer. The client will be unscathed by SISW and its companies related to any claim, damage, fine and cost (including legal fees and fees) related to the client`s use of the supplier`s services. The customer will notify SISW if the supplier or its relevant transaction is under the control of a third party, in which case SISW may revoke its prior consent. 3.5 Use and protection of proprietary files. Newspaper files, data files, rule files and script files generated by or for EDA software (together “Files”), including, but not limited, files containing the Standard Verification Rule Format (“SVRF”) and Tcl Verification Format (“TVF”) that end SISW`s trade secret and proprietary languages, contain or contain confidential siSW information. The client may forward files to third parties, with the exception of AED competitors, provided that the confidentiality of these files is at least sufficiently protected by a written agreement for the client to protect other information of the same nature or meanings, but in all cases with due diligence. The customer can only use files containing SVRF or TVF with EDA software.

Under no circumstances can the customer use software or EDA files or authorize their use for the development, enhancement or marketing of products that are somehow competitive with EDA software. The provisions of this section also apply after the contract has expired or is terminated. 9.10 Full agreement and ranking.

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