Jetbrains User Agreement

The software and related documentation that can be downloaded from the website is the protected and/or patented work of JetBrains and/or its suppliers. The use of the software is subject to the terms of the subscription contract included in this downloaded software. You cannot install software with a subscription contract or a subscription contract unless you agree to the terms of the subscription agreement. 7.2. For the above purposes, JetBrains may, among other things, enter your IP address, your JetBrains account username, The JetBrains password, first name, surname, email address and subscription information. 2.8. “JetBrains Account” or “JBA” refers to a user-created account with a unique name and password that allows the user to access products under a toolbox subscription. g) If you choose to comment, your username, location and any other information you want to publish will be visible to the public. JetBrains is neither responsible nor responsible for the privacy of the information you post on its websites, including its blogs, nor for the accuracy of the information contained in those messages. All information you disclose publicly becomes public information.

JetBrains cannot prevent such information from being used in a way that may be contrary to these conditions, the law or your privacy. This personal data is retained and processed until the information published in each case is deleted. (d) Internal evidence of JetBrains and the protection of the rights and interests of JetBrains and other users; To this end, data collected by cookies or other tracking technologies is primarily used, and (ii) audit records, application protocols, web blogs and/or backups are used. For product support: For internal evidence from JetBrains and for the protection of the rights and interests of JetBrains and other users; 5.2. For the above purposes, JetBrains may use, among other things, your first name, surname, email, username, physical address, IP address, cookies, payment information and tax ID. 16.3. Changes to this agreement. We may update or amend this agreement from time to time, including all referenced guidelines and other documents. If a revision usefully reduces your rights, we will make reasonable efforts to inform you (z.B. by contacting you at the email address you have provided to us, by publishing on the JetBrains website or via the product itself). If we amend this agreement, the amended version of the agreement will take effect at the beginning of the next Toolbox subscription period. In this case, you can terminate this contract if you challenge the updated contractual terms as an exclusive remedy.

You may need to click on the updated agreement to show your consent. In order to avoid any doubt, any subscription confirmation is subject to the version of the agreement in effect on the day of the subscription confirmation. 5.3. When using JetBrains account services, you must provide JetBrains with personal data such as the information mentioned in point 5.2. The processing of the personal data we collect from you is subject to our privacy policy, the terms of the JetBrains website available at, the terms of purchase available on by this Agreement and any other agreement you have subsequently entered into with JetBrains, which deals specifically with the processing of personal data. Due to the nature of the products provided, the use of the products is subject to this Agreement, the Terms of Use of the JetBrains website available and the terms of purchase available in

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