Working Capital Consortium Agreement Meaning

1) Convening unionized meetings2)Get the necessary documents, clarify, etc., from the borrowing unit.3) Provisions relating to the joint assessment of the loan proposal by all member banks. Establish a joint evaluation report and forward it to all member banks and finalize the decision after consultation. 4) Fixing the credit limit. 5) Closing the loan file to be obtained from the borrower6)Convocation of the unionized meeting for the execution of documents and registration of the royalty for the borrower`s assets. 7) Keeping documents, securities, etc. on behalf of itself and the consortium of banks.8)Checking the documents/securities that he or the banking consortium has pledged.9)To preserve the mutual interest between the consortium banks and the credit institutions, 10) Obtain a monthly inventory and maintain adequate stock for the loan.11) Obtain insurance coverage for the entire portfolio and extend insurance coverage from time to time.12) Reflect recovery on a proportional basis over the banks consortium as a whole.13)Ensure the borrower guarantees all cash transactions A/c, 14) As a general rule, there is no legislative order specifically applicable to the banking consortium , but subject to RBI regulatory standards. Banks generally use the exposure of the RBI credit limit, which states that the risk limit for banks is generally 15 per cent of the funds for each borrower and 40 per cent of the capital funds for a group of borrowers. However, the risk limit is 50 per cent for group borrowers and 20 per cent for a single borrower if the fund provided is to be used by the borrower for infrastructure projects1. 1) Participation in consortium meetings and the use of their expertise in the general interest of the consortium.2) Consortium members should authorize the lead bank to decide which banks are in the interest of the consortium.3)Unionized banks should make a firm decision as to their share in the consortium.4) Unionized banks.

4 Without the prior agreement of the consortium members.5)The banking consortium should not require repayment of loans by its own decision.6)Checking mortgaged assets and submitting a review report to major banking banks and other consortium banks.7) If negative points about the borrower have been found, 8)Annual or ad hoc actions should be taken up on the basis of the initial report in the consortium.9) A senior official should be established on the basis of the initial relationship within the consortium.9) A senior official should be established on the basis of the initial report within the consortium.9) A senior official should be appointed the persons entitled to make a decision on the spot in cases of necessity should be placed under the authority of the consortium meeting. this high amount represents a high risk for an individual lender.

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