The Four Agreements Pdf Summary

Were the four don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills chords on your playlist? Get the most important ideas in the book with this brief summary. Despite its limitations, the book of law gives us the feeling of being safe. It is our understanding of how the world works, and it represents order in a world of chaos. We may not have chosen those agreements, but we have approved them. And they don`t change so easily – defying our own beliefs requires courage. First, you need to be aware of the agreements you need to make. There are three ways to break with our old bad accords: in this summary of the four chords of Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills, you will discover that the blameless means “sinless” and a sin is something you do or think it goes against you. It means not speaking against yourself, against oneself or against others. It`s not refusing. To be impeccable is to take responsibility, not to participate in the “guilty game”. As far as the word is concerned, the rules of “reaction of action” apply.

What you spend energetically will make you back. The correct use of the word creates the correct use of energy, love and gratitude perpetuating the same thing in the universe. The opposite is true. The incompetent starts at home. Be immaculate with yourself and reflect your life and relationships with others. This agreement can help change thousands of other agreements, especially those that create fear rather than love. Today`s world is full of suffering and cruelty. From birth, we are trained to accept the rules of society as “as they are,” but consent to those rules prevents us from becoming our true self. But there`s another way of life.

If we replace the old agreements with four simple new agreements, we can break away from the old rules and find peace and happiness. These chords are: 1) Use your words flawlessly. 2) Don`t take anything in person. 3) Don`t make assumptions. 4) Always do your best. Most people live in hundreds or even thousands of agreements. Take a moment to break one of them. Maybe you`re thinking you can`t sing. To break this chord, just sing your heart and imagine that someone applauds your performance. If you follow this process, you can cut all your chords and replace them with new ones that free you. By adopting the four chords we have outlined in this book, we are drinking the fog and we are beginning to see ourselves – and others – in a clearer and more understanding way.

But none of us have chosen these rules and agreements. Our full adoption of such rules amounts to our domestication. Gradually, these chords weaken them, like a toxin. People have their own dreams and live according to their own agreements. When someone calls you thick, it`s not about your own body, it`s about the problems, opinions and beliefs they face.

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