Tenancy Agreement Leaders

Welcome to your new home. As you know, the property you are renting will be managed by Leaders Property Management on behalf of the owner, and we will be your contact during this rent. We want to draw your attention to the following to ensure that your rental agreement is happy and to allow us to offer you the best possible service. When renting a property and a tenant, a business (PLC, Ltd or LLP) is an administration fee of $600 to reserve a property instead of a holding deposit. This tax is not refundable Reference tax, installation fee and contribution to the rental agreement. A full deposit is also required. If the fixed-term lease has expired or is fixed at the end (or has a “break” clause at a specified point), you can be officially served on your tenant with two months of “Notification at the End.” This notification should contain the specific date you want to remove the property. 10. Arbitration – If, as a result of negotiations on the timing of damages, it is not possible to reach an agreement at the end of a lease, you can request that your case be sent to an independent adjur. The fee is 120 USD (including VAT) which will be refunded if your case is successful. This is prorated, z.B.

if you receive 50% or if you will receive 50% of your fees. As soon as a lease expires and becomes a “rolling” contract, both parties can terminate the contract. This will usually be two months, but some leases will set different notice periods. If you manage your own let-downs, you have to be at the ball when it comes to solving all the problems that occur during the lease. The general maintenance and maintenance of the property and land is the responsibility of the tenant (see points 3-6 of your contract), unless otherwise stated. Unless pets are expressly authorized (and the corresponding specific conditions are included in the rental agreement at the time of signing), pets are not allowed during your lease. Such an acquisition could seriously jeopardize your lease. Leases must include general information about the contract, but also certain features about the property you are renting – such as. B who has to maintain the garden.

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