Rental Agreement With Pet Clause

I am a tenant with pets, my house is well maintained and very clean. Animals have never done any harm. I hope someone can help you! When my partner and I agreed to our new rental, it was on the condition that one day we have a dog. The real estate agent at the time of the contract was made said that if we had actually decided to have a dog, we would deal with the pet clause. Well, that time has come and the agent has in his clause that they keep money for 4 months after the lease in the case of chips. She said the contract they use a fee of 120 $US. We decided that this would be acceptable after it was confirmed that these funds were protected in the deposit system and that we wanted the amount of the retainer to be written as well, for obvious reasons that we do not want to be hit with a $1,000 bill (God for sure), there was a chip problem. The agent came back and said that the deposit system will not hold that money for 4 months after the lease and that our lease is for 3 years, the price of their supplier could increase. I now understand that the contractor`s prices could go up with inflation, but there is certainly a good way to include it in the agreement in order to be fair to both parties and ensure that my partner and I are protected from what appears to be a very commendable agent. Please help me! Every piece of advice is very much appreciated. The standard expectation of all tenants is to return the property to the state it was in at the beginning, allowing for fair wear and tear. The simple act of using standard clauses makes it difficult for homeowners to deduct money from the deposit for damage, professional cleaning or parasitic treatment. Pet supplements are generally used when the tenant wants to bring a pet to their home and the original rental does not have clauses allowing pets or not.

The requirement for a higher deposit or an additional “deposit” is a customary option for owners to cover themselves for cleaning or additional damage that may be caused by a pet. This may be an agreed increase in the standard deposit value, but if a separate deposit is granted to cover damage to pets, it is still considered a rental bond and must be protected by a state-approved system such as TDS Northern Ireland. Deductions from the down payment can only be made in accordance with the requirements of the lease. It is therefore strongly advised to include “specific pet clauses” in the agreement. They are both 7 years old, COMPLETELY fleas, without ticks and worms, all up to date with vaccines, trained shots and behave very well. Roxanne, unfortunately, many people who have a cold heart and an empty life will focus only on telling you to go back to your country if you don`t like them, instead of acknowledging the problem you`re talking about. Here is an example of the pet policy clause that refers to the pet booster policy: Forgotten to say that the mice of the big house and small oven pickups do not send them to clean the fan of the bathroom does not work the main door did not have the key , among other small, the wooden furniture had to go to the trash, because my daughter has atopic skin and none of us would lie in these beds To buy everything again my husband comes almost every month, who fixed a few days and what is needed, I saw distrates to clean and end up with Rats and bugs went to lawyers and no one did anything nor the advice of wandsworth …

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