Post Adoption Contact Agreement Sample

Adoptive parents and birth parents who enter into a contact agreement after adoption should strive to keep the child`s needs at the heart of this process. Since it is impossible to anticipate the ever-changing needs of the child, it is a good idea to build some flexibility in the agreement. In the end, the child will have his or her own opinion on contact after adoption and the needs of adults will always have to comply with the best interests of the child. After contact agreements are put in place, future contacts will be described to define the expectations of the two advancing parties. A contact agreement after adoption will allow both parties to submit in writing all your wishes and wishes regarding future contacts. Later, if there is some kind of argument or bump on the street, the contact agreement after adoption can be mentioned for reasons of clarity. While post-adoption contact agreements are legally applicable in a number of states, this is not always the case. If you live in a state where contact agreements after adoption are legally unenforceable, you can still enter into a Good Faith Agreement. Good faith agreements have the advantage of clarifying all expectations about the nature and frequency of contacts after placement. The development of the Good Faith agreement provides parents with birth and adoption opportunities to reconsider, discuss and document their post-mediation contact expectations. Lawyers will also incorporate these expectations into a written document.

This minimizes or eliminates misunderstandings about the type of post-placement relationship. Even if good faith agreements are legally unenforceable, the importance of compliance with the good faith agreement should never be minimized and the agreement should be treated with the same respect as an applicable agreement would be respected. The laws relating to post-adoption contact agreements differ from country to country, as shown in the state summary. Given the complex mix of legal and emotional issues you will encounter, you will be well served if you speak with a lawyer with adoption expertise who can guide you through this process. You will find an adoptive lawyer in our directory. Many adoptive parents and birth parents enter into post-adoption contact agreements (PACA) in which they explain contact with each other after the child is adopted. While some adoptive parents may fear that a post-adoption request for a contact agreement will reflect the lack of commitment of birth parents, experience has shown that such agreements often give birth parents the calm they need to pursue their plan.

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