Office 365 Data Processing Agreement

(d) Limiting access to organizational data by senior managers, directors, employees, consultants and representatives of Sprout On Web Pty. Ltd. only for the purposes covered by Section 3 of this agreement. (h) make available to the organization, upon written request, the name and contact information of its data protection representative or contact person for data protection issues; (h) that it has previously informed the data exporter in the event of subconscition and obtained its prior written consent; 1. The data exporter agrees to file a copy of this contract with the supervisory authority if requested or if such a deposit is required by existing data protection legislation. 4. The parties do not object to a person being represented by an association or other body if the person concerned expressly wishes to do so and if national law permits it. Description of the technical and organizational security measures implemented by the data importer in accordance with points 4(d) and 5 (c) (or the attached document/law): at the time of the announcement of the OSS amendments, Brill stated that Microsoft will “increase our data protection responsibility for a processing subset that Microsoft operates in the provision of services to businesses.” Our customers decide what they use Timeclock365 for, as well as how to collect data the size of Timeclock365 functions. We process data on behalf of our customers and according to their instructions. Our customers control the data processed on their behalf on Timeclock365. Any person (natural or legal) who is considered a client for the purposes of this Agreement is designated as responsible for the treatment. 14.3.

This agreement begins on the date on which the Terms are accepted by the Organization and continues until it has been denounced earlier by one of the parties. (o) implementation prior to (i.e. before the start of treatment) data protection impact analyses in accordance with Article 35 of the RGPD and, where appropriate, advice with a supervisory authority in accordance with Article 36 of the RGPD. Transferred personal data is subject to the following basic processing activities (precise): access, storage, use, management and provision of personal data to enable the exporter to use class365 and to create, transfer, manage and access Class 365, including, but not limited to student and class datasets, digital files, comments, messages, communications and event information. (g) appoint a data protection delegate if he or she is legally required to do so or, if not required, a contact person for data protection matters; For example, with DLP, you can prevent users from sharing certain categories of documents by using content-based rules or labels applied to the content (manual or automatic).

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