Ngati Porou Foreshore And Seabed Deed Of Agreement

The relevant local authorities were consulted in connection with the development of the recognition package presented in the agreement and in the draft law. Negotiators from the political groups discussed with their respective members the instruments and mechanisms contained in the agreement and the bill. The unification leaders have outlined the agreements reached so far and the next steps in the final agreement. The Heads of State and Government presented a draft agreement specifying the nature, scope and scope of the instruments to be made available to the Hapi organisations of Ng├ęti Porou. The Attorney General and the Minister of Maori Affairs must have a copy of the agreement as soon as possible after an agreement is reached on the agreement with the W`hi tapu – there has been a long publicity this afternoon in this House, and I do not need to work, but 47 out of 57 is not an easy task. I know that there have been several analyses in this House this afternoon as to whether this has reached the threshold of what should go through the line and what is not, but I would just like to acknowledge that, you know, there is no reason for those who chose not to make a decision at the time. They can apply for the Maritime and Coastal Areas Act, and if they have their bids, it is not really the end of the road. You can follow that path. But they can register later. I want to acknowledge that it was a monumental and gigantic effort on the part of those who showed leadership in this colony to pass this Hapa – 47 of them – in agreement with this whole colony. I do not want to compromise the importance of the work done, but I would also like to acknowledge that some of these other Hapa who have chosen not to intervene have several opportunities to follow their own arrangements.

publish the notice of the agreement in the Official Journal; and a copy of the agreement to the Director General of the Department of Justice; And so that is the parallel I draw now when I turn to this bill: all efforts to stay afloat, even if they are adrift, to achieve coastal safety, to reintegrate and, with leniency, to resuscitate and resuscitate for generations to come.

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