Michigan Unclaimed Property Voluntary Disclosure Agreement

June 1st Start writing the unclaimed annual real estate report with report software. A free version of the software can be downloaded from the website above, which is reported in the Unclaimed Properties section. When should I drop off? All properties considered abandoned as of March 31, 2018 must be declared on the 2011 Form by July 2, 2018. If you do not have unclaimed property, you must submit your zero or negative report by July 2, 2018. Unclaimed property is a tangible or intangible asset owned by a third party and not claimed by the rightful owner for a specified period of time. The forms to be submitted are Form 1223 – annual report of unclaimed deposits of cash and safes and The 2011 form – the transmission of the bearer and the checklist for the annual report of the unclaimed property. Answer 8 questions to understand your level of unclaimed property risk in just 30 seconds 31 March Identify properties that could be declared as unclaimed property as of March 31. For more information, see: www.michigan.gov/treasury/0,4679,7-121-44435-,00.html Unclaimed properties with ties to Michigan or real estate with ties to the State of Michigan must be turned over to the Treasurer. A company that declares less than 10 features, including businesses that do not have unclaimed ownership, can submit a document or electronic report. An entity with 10 or more unclaimed features must submit its reports to the unsolicited division by download, CD-ROM or USB flash drive.

However, the department encourages everyone to come forward electronically. Copies of reports of unclaimed real estate and all supporting documentation must be kept for 10 years. Who is responsible for the bid? Each entity, whether or not it has unclaimed property, must submit a report on the unclaimed property. Michiganes Uniforme Unclaimed Property Act, a modified 1995 public law, requires businesses and government agencies to declare and transfer to the Michigan Treasury abandoned and unclaimed property of owners whose last known address is in Michigan. In addition, any Michigan-registered business or public body must declare and transfer abandoned property from owners where there is no known address. The deadline for submitting the unclaimed real estate business report for this year is July 1, 2017 for real estate that reaches its rest period on March 31, 2017. The recommended timetable for checking unclaimed real estate is as follows: There is also Form 4869, which allows businesses to voluntarily comply with the requirements of the Michigan Unclaimed Property Act by offering a voluntary disclosure agreement.

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