Leaf Filter Subcontractor Agreement

It seems to be more than the norm. I have been a subcontractor in the flooring business for over 25 years and all the companies I have worked for only look after their end results and they are constantly using the subs who have to work every day because they are already underpaid. Van Prooien`s lawyer confirmed that there was an agreement with LeafFilter, and the dispute was “resolved to their satisfaction.” As the agreement contained a confidentiality clause, we were unable to obtain further details. More than 40 million feet LeafFilter Gutter Protection has been installed from coast to coast each season. We are looking for reliable subcontractors who are proud of their work and have good customer service skills. We show you how to install our product, so don`t worry if you haven`t installed protection for the gutters yet! On several occasions, we have been reduced to our payment. (#1) We left Charlotte`s office and went to Myrtle Beach for a job. Leaf filters were said to be rain. Our crew came all the way and it was raining, the owner didn`t want us to set up their work in the rain.

The leaf filters told us they would pay us for the extra trip. Until today we have not been paid for this trip. We reminded them every week that it was almost 3 months. (#2) We went from Charlotte`s office to Chapin S.C for a job that needed special skills that only our crew could do. The payment was agreed before we left. We paid that amount. The following week, they withdrew more than $250.00 from our cheque for this work and refused to give a reason why the money was withdrawn from our cheque. (#3) At the same job at Chapin S.C. we had a service call. We went all the way to find out that it had nothing to do with our installation. The seller did not sell a gutter on a part of the house that was essential to avoid flooding in the yard. We informed Leaf`s filter and the homeowner.

But we were not paid for this trip. (#4) We went from Charlotte`s office to Roanoke Va. for a job that required a lot of extra work, including lazy fascias and the roof was in poor condition. We had to get the extra work approved. Finally, after all day, it was approved to do so. These problems were visually evident. We went up the next day. Finished the job and everything seemed fine, unless we received our check, they cut the salary on it.

When we confronted the production manager, he avoided us. They shortened us to over $500.00. In the end, after we drove him crazy because we wanted to know why our money had been cut for this work, we got the answer they received, that they were selling too low. He refused to show us a copy of our work bill and gave us his cut-out version that did not show all the work done. Jobs that end up being underestimated, money is always cut off by installers who have the most in the job. We personally paid for all the materials and work for the woodwork and leaf filters goes away with the check and we get the actual short end of the wand. (#5) We went from Charlotte`s office to Clover S.C. For a job that was screwed from the beginning, we were the 3rd team to go out to correct this work that they had sold Leaf filters on apparent gutters that are in 10` sections, it would never have been sold like that, it needed seamless gutters.

They were shady and unusual about this work; They wanted to hide it at their headquarters. We were given $60.00 from the manager, and we were asked to buy a taste reel for this job. We know that pricing materials was just enough to cover half. We were given an additional $60.00 and asked to bring the receipt for refund. When he gave the receipt to the manager, he said, “I do NOT pay to work,” and he only gave us back $40.00. But he expects us to be paid to come to work. When we asked for a copy of the receipt, the production manager said, take it and took it out of the

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